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Inspiring stories of health recovery from our clients.

 Lisa McFarlane:

Lisa McFarlane

''I’ve been on this journey with stomach problems at least 10 ears. And now It’s completely lifechanging. Like 180 degrees from where I was a year ago. Absolutely.''

Bob Negen: Whizbang! Training, Owner

Bob Negen

Whizbang! Training, Owner

''One of the things that I teach as a trainer of entrepreneur is there’s a difference between a cost an investment. A cost is something that goes away and investment is something that grows. So if you’re sitting on the fence I just wanted to share with you that I just think is a fantastic investment in your future.''

Larry Andreano: Tatlane Group, Owner

Larry Andreano

Tatlane Group, Owner

''I've been diabetic. I go to the doctor at least twice a year and often, three and four times a year just for diabetic checkups. And I've never had some of those tasks done. So that was like wow they're testing stuff that your regular physician just doesn't bother to do.''

Rich Heller: Relationship Coach

Rich Heller

Relationship Coach

''It's interesting. It's there's a difference between what I thought my health was before Tiger and what I thought my health was before Tiger after I Joined Tiger.''

Sherry Gentry: Project Manager

Sherry Gentry

Project Manager

''I feel like in the last year I feel a year younger. I feel better than I probably have in several years because of all the pieces together. I don’t think of myself as old now. And I was feeling old before (Tiger) and now even the fact I’m a year older I don’t feel old anymore. So, I think that’s a win.''

Ernie Vargas: Owner, R.E.I. Leadership Academy

Ernie Vargas

Owner, R.E.I. Leadership Academy

''These small changes are amazing. Within a very short period of time I lost weight. I have a lot more energy. I’m ready to go on a 14-day hike. I’m a boy scout leader. It was embarrassing to not be able to have a physical stamina to do all these things.''

Lee T. Brown, DDS

Brown & gettings, DDS

I want to resolve a health problem

All day long I try to preach optimal health to our patients. We talk about being proactive and leveraging the knowledge of healthcare providers to get healthier faster. It doesn’t make sense to play ‘mad scientist’ because even if you get there, it will take you longer. We all know the opportunity cost is immeasurable.

When I was presented with the opportunity to learn about Tiger Medical, I was definitely intrigued. I have always taken my health seriously and been disciplined to my routine. But the healthcare routine I developed was not based on the most current understanding of health for my age, goals, and lifestyle. Basically, I was ‘busy’ but not ‘productive’.

In dentistry, I work with a clinical coach and a business coach. Both have been incredible investments and I can’t imagine practicing without the help of others. When it finally hit me that I needed to apply the same principles to my health, the decision to seek help was obvious. The decision to work with Tiger was easy because I tried out a few of their basic principles and they worked so well! I felt better physically and mentally. So if a few minor changes had a profound effect like this, I knew that private coaching would pay huge dividends.

Since working with Steve and Tiger, I am more productive than ever. I sleep better, think better, more patient with my family, and my energy is up! I am excited for the results and what the future holds. The only regret I have is the time lost by not working with Tiger sooner!

Coach Patrick Chambers: Former D1 Basketball Coach

Coach Patrick Chambers

Former D1 Basketball Coach

''For me Tiger has been somewhat of a lifesaver. I was headed down a dark half stressed-out, burned-out, high-anxiety, zero sleep …''

Dr. Walter Hunt: Founder, Personal Care Dentistry

Dr. Walter Hunt

Founder, Personal Care Dentistry

''I joined the Tiger program because it’s data-driven and comprehensive. It’s been fantastic! I’ve lost 16 pounds. I no longer need my reflux medicine or CPAP machine and my sleep is vastly improved. My stress is 70% lower, I never feel stressed as I move through my day in the clinic. I paid for the entire program in the first 90 days. It’s everything I hoped it would be and more. It’s a life-changer for me and it will be for anyone who joins the program, if they do the work. For those who are over 40 today, you are lucky, the Tiger program exists for you to benefit from. I wished I could have done this 30 years ago.''

Patricia Lawrence: Founder & CEO, Turbo Execs

Patricia Lawrence

Founder & CEO, Turbo Execs

''I always knew I was a light sleeper. And I got data to confirm what I was thinking of myself. If you are looking to increase your effectiveness and your personal and professional productivity, I think it’s a great thing to do, it’s a great program, it’s a great investment to make in yourself, because the return is bigger than just you.''

Alejandra Leibovich: Author & Co-Founder, How To Manage A Small Law Firm

Alejandra Leibovich

Author & Co-Founder, How To Manage A Small Law Firm

''It’s surprising how fast it happens. Between three to six months you really do notice a big difference in brain power, massive creativity. That was what I was looking for.''

Dr. John Meis: CEO, The Team Training Institute & Smart Choice Dentistry

Dr. John Meis

CEO, The Team Training Institute & Smart Choice Dentistry

''I joined the Tiger and my stress is 70% lower, I never feel stressed as I move through my day in the clinic. It’s everything I hoped it would be and more. It’s a life-changer for me and it will be for anyone who joins the program.''

Mitch Bakker: Owner & Principal, IDA Design

Mitch Bakker

Owner & Principal, IDA Design

''I noticed a significant difference in my energy and clarity of thought. Having a restful night’s sleep. And I am overwhelmed with my well-being and it translates into enjoying life.''

John Davie: Founder & Owner, JFD Enterprises

John Davie

Founder & Owner, JFD Enterprises

''Working with you guys and working with Tiger, I saw the data behind my sleep patterns along with getting different habits to go to bed at the same time and get in my rhythm. So some of the biggest changes in my life have definitely been around sleep. I love some of the tools I picked up along the way in the Tiger flow program that was cool to get some extra tools under my belt and also to understand where burnout comes from.''

Your better health awaits. Let's make it happen together!