Decode 2.0

Decoding your optimal path to elite health and longevity.

  • Complete Health History Consult with Tiger Physician
  • Genetic Testing and Advanced Lab Results Consults
  • Cognitive Health Evaluation and Risk Assessment
  • Customized Health Plan and Consult with Tiger Physician
  • Blue Light and Blue Light Blocker Glasses for Circadian Rhythm
  • Oura Ring For Sleep Optimization and Health Monitoring
  • 12 Months of Coaching with Health Coach To Implement The Findings Of Your Testing
  • First 12 months of Tiger’s membership program included

Sleep Blueprint

A practical step to changing your health profile.

  • Heart Rate Variability Training Device
  • Blue Light Therapy Equipment
  • Oura Ring For Sleep Optimization
  • In-Home Sleep Study
  • Access To Tiger's Sleep Blueprint Online Course
  • 4 Months Of Coaching With Performance Coach To Help You Every Step Of The Way
  • Access To Steve's Unleash The Peak Performer Within You Book Course
  • Access To Our 3-Module "Get In The Zone" Course
  • Tiger's Premium Membership Subscription for 4 Months

Stress Elimination

A practical step to managing stress & changing your health profile.

  • Stress Elimination Online Course
  • Bluetooth HRV Training Device
  • Heart Rate Variability Tracking App
  • 6 Weeks With A Performance Coach
  • Access To Monthly Tiger Community Call
  • Bonus: Access To The Unleash The Peak Performer Within You Book Course
  • Bonus: Get In The Zone Course

Tiger Membership

A hard copy to getting valuable performance & health information.

  • The Printed & Digital Newsletter
  • The Printed & Digital $100-Million Audio Nugget
  • Live Tiger Community Call
  • Fast Pass Coaching Discount

Change your life by applying habits that consistently get you in the zone so you can perform at your best.