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Welcome to Activate!

This program is a good fit for you if:

  1. You aren’t sure if you will follow through on all aspects of our Decode programs.

  2. You want to experience Tiger’s process and clinical team before you invest in our Decode program.

  3. You prefer to take a multi-year approach to optimizing your health.

  4. At the moment you have financial limitations and want to get started or begin the process of learning what your hidden health threats are and begin the process of proactively improving your health.

Activate is our program for those who want to activate their journey to better health.

We’ve set this up so that you can step gradually into recovering and optimizing your health.

If after purchasing Activate, if you become excited and want to upgrade to Decode in the same year, you’ll receive 100% credit toward the purchase of the remaining elements of Decode from your Activate purchase.

If you just aren’t sure, Activate is an excellent way to start slow, get some great information, and start your health optimization journey!

It’s surprising how fast it happens. Between three to six months you really do notice a big difference in brain power, massive creativity. That was what I was looking for.

Program Includes

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Change your life and how you feel every single day with help of our program, tested and approved by more then 1,000 participants.