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What Supplements Should I Take?

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“Truly successful decision-making relies on a balance between deliberate and instinctive thinking.” ~ Malcolm Gladwell

What Supplements Should I Take?

What Works for Them May Not Work for You

Everyone has opinions.

From the person you run on the treadmill next to at the gym to the friend you’ve had on social media since you were young.

When it comes to making decisions for your health, the opinions of others can be quite dangerous.

Something that has worked well for a friend or family member may not work as well for you. It could even cause you harm.

That’s where I’d like to begin this conversation around supplements.

Supplements are vitamins that are used to aid in a nutrient deficiency in the body or brain. They can be taken on a short or long-term basis depending on the issue at hand.

Where you can get into trouble with supplements is in taking something simply for the sake of taking something.

Not all supplements are going to provide you with value or health improvements.

3 Steps to Beginning a Supplementation Routine

1. Consult Your Primary Care Physician

The doctor that you’ve been seeing on a yearly basis over a period of time will have the most relevant information on your unique health profile.

By talking with your doctor and their staff, you’ll gain insights into which supplements would be helpful for you (if any at all).

Skipping this step can lead to choosing the wrong supplements for your specific needs while potentially wasting time and money.

2. Consider Getting Testing

After meeting with your primary care physician, they may recommend a series of personalized tests for you to complete.

The goal here is to gain more information about your body and brain’s needs as it relates to supplementation.

When testing is involved in the supplementation process, it can be very useful in not only giving relevant details on how to get started but follow-up tests can give you real data to show how the supplement is working.

3. Remain Steady and Patient

One of the many reasons people decide to begin taking supplements is because it’s a more natural and preventative approach to treating ailments.

The difference compared to traditional prescription-based medicine is the results can take longer.

Typically, when you take a prescription, you gain some kind of result within 15 to 20 minutes, if not immediately.

With supplements, it can often take multiple weeks for it to build up in your system and create a response.

So, if you’re considering getting started with supplements, remember to begin by speaking with your doctor, possibly include some testing to gain relevant information, and stay patient with the process.

Next Steps to Finding the Right Supplements

You have what it takes inside you to make a definite choice about supplementation that will change the future trajectory of your health.

Our team at Tiger Medical has the experience, clinical skills, and coaching acumen to help you get your health and energy back.

To talk to one of our professionals, click here to schedule your call!

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