What Causes Low Sex Drive?

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Causes of Low Libido

As we age, our bodies and bodily functions can change for good and bad. There are countless interventions for most conditions related to aging, although, in the U.S., there tends to be a heavy reliance on prescription medications to solve most problems. Many of the dysfunctions associated with aging are precipitated by common causes that affect people at any age (such as stress and anxiety). Numerous interventions that can be equally effective don’t involve medications. Some of the most common causes of low or diminished libido are low testosterone, medications, depression, chronic illness, stress, and poor sleep. Low testosterone, chronic disease, and drugs are best discussed with your physician. Depression has many forms, so if you suffer from severe or prolonged depression, you should consult a professional. Stress and chronic poor sleep are everyday stressors for most adults. The impacts of these conditions can be felt physically, emotionally, and psychologically. They can also interfere with work and relationships, which compounds the issue.

Combatting Stress

There are many ways to combat stress, and some of the most effective interventions are therapy, exercise, improved nutrition, and better sleep. It isn’t uncommon for people struggling with low libido to suffer from numerous stressors. A therapist or coach can help you take a deeper look into all the factors that may be causing your stress. If you aren’t using a wearable to monitor some aspect of your sleep, likely, you don’t know the quality of sleep you are getting.

Wearables to Track Sleep

Devices like the Apple watch, Oura ring, Whoop strap, Fitbit, and others can give highly accurate data on the various aspects of sleep that doctors covet. These include resting heart rate, heart rate variability, REM sleep, deep sleep, light sleep, blood oxygen variances, and restfulness. Sleep hygiene is a critical piece of getting quality rest

Important considerations with sleep hygiene include:

Ironically, for many people suffering from stress and anxiety (as well as some other conditions that may affect sex drive), improving sleep can improve all these areas simultaneously. Making sleep a priority is one of the most important decisions a person can make, regardless of their health status.

Next Steps

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Kevin Hodges

Kevin Hodges

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