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How Much Does A Personalized Medical Program Cost?

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“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” ~ Thomas Edison

How Much Does A Personalized Medical Program Cost?

You may be someone who is worn down and experiencing burnout.

Your sleep may be poor and wreaking havoc on your ability to press into your daily demands and work through them with confidence and joy.

You could be suffering from a lack of energy and feeling depleted, tired, and exhausted.

Maybe you’re feeling mental fatigue, depressed, or having mood swings.

You potentially might be going through a difficult time of low libido.

Whatever the case may be, you know it is time to change the trajectory of your health. It is time to invest in you and make the appropriate changes.

If you are like many of Tiger Medical’s clients, you are a high achiever. You are someone who excels and has made a reputation for yourself. You have acquired much of what you set out to do…

but there is a problem.

You may have the resources and income you have always desired, but your health is suffering. You cannot fully enjoy everything you have worked so hard to obtain. “Pushing through” has caught up with you, and you are unsure how to proceed.

Or are you?

Our guess is you are looking for personalized medical programs that can treat the root cause of what is happening inside you rather than providing a diagnosis on a surface level.

Tiger Medical’s approach is to help driven professionals recover and optimize their health by guiding them through a comprehensive medical transformation.

Our conventional medical system is built to provide the best health care.

Dr. Matthew Walker has been well-noted for saying, “Our current health care system should be called sick care, not health care. People get sick, then go to the hospital to receive treatment.”

Tiger Medical is for you. Our approach is a preventive, proactive, and personalized medical program to keep you feeling your best and performing your best.

In this article, I will outline what it costs to participate in Tiger Medical Institute’s personalized medicine program, Decode 2.0. These details include:

Why Tiger Does Not Accept Insurance for Payment

1. Health insurance typically only covers diagnosed conditions assigned an insurance code.

Typically, health insurance only covers diagnosed conditions assigned an insurance code (also known as a CPT code).

The majority of Tiger Medical clients are focused on long-term health. Even though some may come in with a diagnosed condition, they focus on preventative care and increasing longevity.

Currently, our healthcare system tends to shy away from reimbursing providers involved with proactive medicine. This is not meant to bash local healthcare providers - it is simply the reality of current events.

Medical professionals are the most giving individuals you can know. Still, local providers are just not equipped to meet the demands of the thousands of patients needing personalized, preventative care.

Due to this predicament in health care, Tiger Medical Institute does not accept any forms of insurance as payment for our programs. The reason for this is it would limit what our providers could test and the services that we could provide.

It is only due to being private pay that we can offer the innovative approach to the comprehensive program that we offer today.

The Components of the Tiger Decode 2.0 Personalized Medicine Plan

1. Testing

2. Clinician Consults

3. Personalized Coaching

4. Education

5. Wearable Devices

6. Additional Fees

The Cost of Tiger’s Decode 2.0 Program

1. Decode 2.0 Program Cost

The total cost of the Decode 2.0 personalized medical program is $28,997 for the first year.

Tiger Medical offers a 3-pay program with a total cost of $29,997 and an 11-day pay schedule with a total cost of $31,997.

If you choose a multi-day program, you pay $9,997 upfront.

2. Decode 3.0 Program Cost

Tiger Medical has an ongoing care program called Decode 3.0, which costs $12,997 annually.

This is only available to clients who have previously completed Decode 2.0.

3. PreCode/ReCode Program Costs

Additional fees for PreCode or ReCode cognitive treatment plans are estimated to be around $5,000 annually.

We do not mark up any lab costs for these programs.

All patients who need PreCode or ReCode get all the services and coaching in Decode 2.0 in year one and Decode 3.0 in year two and beyond.

The Guaranty

Much of the results in healthcare are not guaranteed. This is mainly due to the results depending on the client’s commitment to doing the work.

At Tiger Medical, we believe in our system so much that we offer the following guarantee.

We do not refund fees after one year. We do, however, offer guaranteed results for the clients who:

If the clinical and coaching teams at Tiger Medical cannot measure any appreciable improvements in health data points, we will refund $15,000 after the one-year end.

We understand this is a significant investment of funds with the uncertainty of you personally getting the results you are seeking. Consider what you are receiving for this investment:

At this point in the article, we recommend you ponder the following questions:

Tiger Medical’s personalized medical system is an investment that will provide priceless returns year after year.

If you make a significant one-time investment in your health, you may change your health for the rest of your life.

By making yourself Patient Number One and embracing the art of self-care, you will improve everything and everyone around you.

You have what it takes inside you to make a definite choice that will change the future trajectory of your health.

Our team at Tiger Medical has the experience, clinical skills, and coaching acumen to help you get your health and energy back.

To know more about Tiger’s personalized medical system, click here to schedule your call and talk to one of our professionals!

Lance VanTine

Lance VanTine

Client Success Manager

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