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Who Should I Talk to About Supplements?

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“Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion.” ~ Author Unknown

Why Supplementation?

Whether it is the lady who runs on the treadmill next to you at the gym, the guy you see at the local health food store, or maybe even a family member…

Everyone has an opinion.

In today’s media-driven, information-led society, we have access to thousands of opinions right at our fingertips through social media, medical websites, and texts with our friends and family.

Information, in and of itself, is a positive thing.

Advancements in technology allow cross-continent connections to be made and kept, quick retrieval of information to be found, and access to thousands of bits of entertainment, community, and knowledge.

However, this also allows fad diets and health recommendations to flood our minds.

In general, when someone makes a recommendation on a diet or supplementation routine, it’s usually coming from a well-intended place. Typically, this comes from someone who tried something, and it worked exceptionally well - at least, for them.

The issue is that what works for them may not necessarily work for you. It may even have a negative effect.

Why Would You Use Supplements in the First Place?

Supplements can be very useful in taking a specific deficient vitamin or mineral and giving it somewhat of a boost for a period of time.

Supplements bridge the gap between deficiency and habit formation.

While using supplements, developing good habits can be the cornerstone of keeping that specific vitamin or mineral in check over the long term, so supplementation isn’t a life-long endeavor.

Who Should You Talk to About Supplementation?

There’s one straightforward answer: your medical doctor.

Though well intended, your friends on Facebook might not have the necessary training to support you in the specifics of your health needs accurately.

At your next appointment, if supplementation is of interest to you, discuss this with your physician to see how it might be a good fit.

How Do You Hyper-Personalize Your Supplementation Routine?

After speaking with your doctor about the possibility and potential benefits of implementing a supplement routine, the best way to get started is through medical testing.

If you don’t know, you’re simply guessing.

Just as you wouldn’t opt for ACL reconstruction surgery without MRI proof that there’s a tear, you shouldn’t start putting pills into your body without knowing the why or how behind it.

Supplementation can be an excellent way to boost any deficiency your body or brain may have in reaching optimal health and performance.

However, following the proper steps of speaking with your medical provider is essential before beginning this journey.

From personal experience, supplementation can bring significant benefits, primarily when targeting your specific needs through testing.

Collin Adams

Collin Adams

Health Coach

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