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How to Increase Libido - 10 Ways to Boost Your Sex Life

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“Sex is an emotion in motion.” ~ Mae West

Let’s Get It On

This question of how to increase libido could be the most critical question to date! As we know, sex makes the world go round in many ways and is an essential part of the human experience.

I recently heard a funny story about a friend experiencing mono (Mononucleosis) symptoms in college. However, he got confused and kept saying, “I think I have low libido,” instead of “I have mono.”

You can imagine he encountered odd looks when he told his roommates and friends about his ailment.

So when it comes to tango-ing in the sheets and increasing that desire, here are 10-ish ways for Him and Her to keep the bedroom rodeo rollin’.

How to Increase Libido

Take A Roll in the Hay

  1. Decrease Stress

Stress can negatively impact the body and sexual functioning/desire for all parties.

  1. Optimize Sleep

Check out more information about sleep from Tiger Medical Institute.

  1. Manage Diet

Not in the sense of eating this specific food as an aphrodisiac (as there is not much research behind this), but what and how we eat can impact our weight, overall health, etc., which can affect our libido.

  1. Movement

It is essential to stimulate your body and move to have more energy for yourself and your partner.

  1. Lifting Weights

Lifting weights can help boost testosterone which is essential for both males and females in libido.

Research has shown that “lifting heavier weights is the best exercise to boost testosterone,” says Dr. Jadick of Piedmont Health. “As muscle mass increases, it will trigger the body to produce more testosterone.”

  1. Foreplay

A more remarkable dedication or possibly switching up the routine here could dramatically impact the overall experience for all parties involved.

  1. Sex Therapy/Couples Therapy

Talking to a sex counselor could help address many factors impacting desire or bedroom performance. Couples therapy can also address other emotional factors contributing to lower libido.

  1. Smoking

In general, there are very few benefits to smoking. Cutting it out can help increase libido.

  1. Drinking

In one sense, alcohol can help set the mood/ease one into the mood, but consistent use can decrease sleep quality and, in turn, lower testosterone levels over time.

  1. Intentional Mood Setting

Creating time in the schedule and getting away for a weekend or hotel for the night is a great way to boost libido – rose petals on the bed are also a nice touch.

Bonus - Keeping a flexible attitude to spicing things up, in general, can complement many of the suggestions listed above.

Additional Ways to Boost Sex Life

  1. Communicate and listen to your partner

Communicate your wants and needs to your partner/significant other. The other side is listening to their wants, needs, etc.

  1. Spice it up

New positions – asking your partner to spend more time on foreplay and other experimentation with sex toys can help in this department.

  1. Support

Body weight is tied to self-esteem and body image for many people.

If your partner is trying to lose weight, help them along the way. If you know they’re an emotional eater, offer them support when they seem upset.

Criticizing their food choices or looking over their shoulder while eating won’t foster good feelings.

Be supportive, not destructive.

Tiger Takeaways

There are several reasons why you may be experiencing lower libido and a decreased sex drive.

If that is applicable, it is essential to address those from a physiological lifestyle perspective and an emotional/relationship standpoint.

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