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Decode 2.0

You’ve seen the fad diets, workout programs and the latest guru’s 3-step miracle plan...and frankly, you wonder if any of it actually will work for you.

By now you’ve worked a couple decades, stress is higher than ever, and your responsibilities are growing.

If you are like most people, you sleep isn’t like it used to be, energy is harder to sustain and you might even have some low level, chronic anxiety.

It’s all related and it’s caused by stress and habits that aren’t serving you. However, we get it, you are busier than ever and you have no idea what you should be doing to change things for the better.

Enter Decode 2.0…

What if you could know for sure if the foods you are eating were not serving you and which foods would?

How would you like to know if your friends invitation to train for a 5K was right for you or if you should train in another way to get the best fitness?

If you were susceptible for a major disease, wouldn’t you want to know now so could take steps to prevent it?

These kinds of answers and more can be a part of the Decode 2.0 program overseen by Dr. Matthew McNamee, a board certified naturopathic M.D and your Health Coach.

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