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A New Solution to Employee Health Care

Tired of the relentless pain caused by skyrocketing health insurance costs? Frustrated with low employee usage due to exorbitant deductibles that act as a barrier to getting the care they need? Sick of traditional medicine that merely waits until your team is already ill before any real medicine is done?

It's time for a radical shift in the way you approach employee health and well-being. Our revolutionary wellness plan is here to alleviate your suffering and put your employees on a path to vibrant health. Say goodbye to the agonizing burden of high healthcare expenses and embrace a future where health is the foundation of cost savings. In the process, stand out as a preferred employer.

Our medically driven wellness program empowers your employees to proactively address their health. By gradually improving their well-being over time, they'll naturally reduce their reliance on healthcare services. No more reactionary measures, no more excessive costs – just a brighter, healthier future for your team.

But that’s not all! We’ve taken it a step further by combining our wellness program with a low-cost medishare account. This ensures that your employees not only get healthier but provides a low-cost backstop for when they do experience significant health issues. It will also lower your company’s healthcare expenses significantly.

Employee Medical Wellness – What’s Included

After an initial $299 investment for labs and first month membership, it’s just $149 a month.

Our wellness program offers a comprehensive package that includes:

  1. Quarterly medical provider appointments.

  2. Personalized medical guidance.

  3. Access to group health coaching.

  4. Annual comprehensive wellness blood panel.

  5. Wellness education content delivered through membership.

Don’t wait any longer – make the change from pain to progress. Choose our medically driven wellness program and give your staff the gift of proactive investment in their well-being. Watch as your costs decrease and gratitude from your team soars. It’s time to embrace a healthier, cost-effective future.

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