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Who Should I See if I Can't Sleep? How to Fix Your Sleeping Problem

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“Part of how easily we go to sleep is genetic: many sleep disturbances, ranging from insomnia to circadian disruption, have a large genetic component.” ~ Maria Konnikova

The Relationship Between Genetics & Sleep

Your genetics play a significant role in whether you struggle with sleep.

Who Should I See if I Can't Sleep?

In my journey to recovering and optimizing my health, I learned I had a poor profile for sleep disturbance. Does this mean I lost the proverbial sleep lottery? Or was it possible to change the narrative of my sleep?

The good news was that I could change my sleep story, and so could you. If you are reading this article, I assume you have recognized that you have a sleep problem and want to do something about it.

You can improve your sleep and feel better. It will take time and some discipline, and you’ll have to invest some hard-earned money into the solution, but if you stick with it, you can sleep wonderfully again. This was my journey, and here is what I learned.

In this article, I will cover three significant points:

  1. How Does Genetics Affect Sleep?
  2. How Can I Get Tested for My Genetics?
  3. How Does Tiger Medical Fix Sleep?

How Does Genetics Effect Sleep?

Specific individuals like me have a genetic profile that is less than optimal for a good night’s sleep. I won’t get into particular markers in this article. The point is, if you have a poor sleep profile genetically, you are already at a disadvantage before life stresses, and bad habits kick in.

Knowing your genetic profile gives you a more precise roadmap to solve your sleep problem. This roadmap motivates you to be more disciplined in certain areas you need to focus on.

How Can I Get Tested for My Genetics?

A famous mass consumer test you see on television is not the solution. Those are fine for specific goals such as learning your roots of where you are from but have little value in solving your sleep problem.

The optimal choice is working with a clinic where physicians utilize a robust genetic testing platform and have the training to interpret the data.

Tiger Medical Institute works with one of the premiere genetic companies in the world. Our doctors are trained in how to interpret the data and apply evidence-based solutions for each gene marker tested.

How Does Tiger Medical Institute Fix Sleep Problems?

For individuals without chronic pain and other neurological disorders, here are seven ways Tiger Medical Institute eliminates sleep problems:

  1. Stress Management – stress prevents your body from getting into a restful state.
  2. Sleep Hygiene – simply eliminating poor practices will help your sleep.
  3. TRE – time-restricted eating will improve your sleep as you time your eating correctly.
  4. Test/Resolve Apnea – resolution of Apnea will dramatically improve your sleep.
  5. Genetic Testing – genes play a role in your sleep quality. Learn precisely how you can treat your sleep disturbances.
  6. Root Cause Testing – supplementation to support imbalances will improve your sleep.
  7. Health Habits – Daily movement, hydration, good nutrition, and mindfulness will improve your sleep. So, who is the best provider to help you assess and treat your sleep problem? In previous articles in the Tiger Learning Center, I’ve outlined four options for you to consider. This article explains why Tiger Medical is an excellent option for you to pursue resolving your sleep problem, which significantly impacts your overall health and future brain function.

What is the Tiger Medical Institute Process?

Tiger Medical Institute has a multi-layered approach to sleep optimization.

First, your health coach will systematically teach you how to disarm your stress response daily. This establishes the foundation for better sleep and a balanced nervous system.

Second, our clinical team will determine if Apnea needs to be ruled out. If you have Sleep Apnea, Tiger staff help you find the solution that works for you. Until you resolve Sleep Apnea, you will never sleep well. Thus this is also foundational to resolving sleep issues.

Third, you will complete an advanced genetic test providing insights into your predisposition for sleep disturbances. The good news is that our physicians can create a targeted supplement regimen to counteract your genetic weaknesses and help you get better sleep. This was transformational in my case.

Fourth, working with your Tiger Medical Institute health coach, you will implement several new habits, including time-restricted eating, daily movement, meditation, and nutrition optimization, to improve your overall physiological profile. As your body heals, your sleep progressively enhances.

Finally, once all your clinical test data is in, Tiger Medical Institute physicians create a targeted supplement plan to support your physiological imbalances. The combination of good habits with precision data ultimately resolved my sleep problems! You can have the same experience working with Tiger clinical staff. It takes time and comes in waves, but with discipline and new habits you learn from your coach, you can win the battle against insomnia.

What Can You Do Next?

Based on the contents of this article, think about what may be causing your sleep problems.

Some sleep solutions can be implemented tonight to start you on your path to improving your sleep.

If you have pain, restless leg syndrome, or suspect airway problems, you should see a neurologist to address these core issues. If you don’t, all the other solutions won’t work.

If you aren’t in pain or struggling with restless leg syndrome and have the resources to dig into the problem from a root cause perspective, I encourage you to take the next step by booking a call with a Tiger Medical Institute professional. On this discovery call, our team member learns about your challenges and your level of commitment to solving the problem.

If you know you have a sleep problem, have decided to work with a functional doctor, and want to learn more about how Tiger Medical could help you eliminate your sleep problems, go here for a call.

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