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What Is Causing Me To Gain Weight?

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“I didn’t mean to gain weight, it just happened by snackcident.” ~ Unknown

Weight gain, if unintentional, can be a frustrating and mysterious experience.

Of course, if you’re trying to gain weight through strength training, calorie overloading, or supplementation, that’s another thing.

But when five pounds appear, followed by another three, seemingly out of nowhere, it’s hard to know where to start.

Here are 4 Reasons You May Be Gaining Weight:

1. You’re Stressed Out

Seems silly, right? Everyone is feeling stress in some way or another.

Why are you the one gaining weight, and they’re not?

When you’re overly stressed, your body responds by going into chronic “fight or flight” mode. As a result, you have a higher hormone, cortisol, which can lead to overeating calorie-dense foods.

Interestingly enough, stress management techniques may lead to weight loss.

By balancing out your nervous system and lowering your cortisol, you may experience fewer feelings of hunger and craving towards those highly processed foods.

If you’re gaining weight and you’re feeling stressed out, try implementing some stress management routines.

2. You’re Not Sleeping Well

Ever heard the saying, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead!”?

Yeah, that’s not good. If you hear someone close to you say that, check in on them.

Chronic poor sleep leads to many poor health conditions but can also lead to sudden weight gain.

Some research has suggested that seven or more hours of sleep per night is associated with a 33% higher possibility of weight loss.

Not much needs to be said about the dangers tied to poor sleep.

If you find yourself suddenly gaining weight and know you could focus more on your sleep, consider trying a few sleep hygiene techniques.

3. You Live a Sedentary Lifestyle

This one is tough.

In our work society today, most knowledge or skill-based employees are required to sit in front of a computer for the majority of their day.

Some health industry employees have said, “Sitting is the new smoking.”

That may be extreme, but the ramifications of a sedentary lifestyle are dangerous.

Simple changes such as the following can help be more active during the workday:

If you are gaining weight suddenly, consider what lifestyle changes could be made to improve your daily activity levels.

4. You’re Eating Too Many Inflammatory Foods

Processed sugars, refined carbohydrates, gluten-containing foods, and dairy products cause the highest amounts of inflammation in the body.

Inflammation can cause many negative responses, one of which is bloating.

Bloating happens when foods or liquids pool in your gut because your body cannot process and digest them quickly and adequately.

This can lead to weight gain over time.

If you’re experiencing sudden weight gain, it’s never a bad idea to consider what you’re eating. A simple step to get started is to use a food journal.

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You have what it takes inside you to make a definite choice that will change the future trajectory of your health.

Our team at Tiger Medical has the experience, clinical skills, and coaching acumen to help you get your health back and balance your weight.

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Collin Adams

Collin Adams

Health Coach

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