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Where Can I Go to Help Me Lose Weight?

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“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” ~ Unknown

The quote above is meant to inspire and encourage you as you read this article on weight loss. If you struggle with your weight, you aren’t alone. 69% or roughly 70 million Americans live with extra pounds they would like to shed.

In my work at Tiger Medical Institute, I meet with successful professionals, many of whom say they are struggling with weight. This is a common problem that about 2/3 of the population is challenged by.

As I delve into this issue, I want you to know I come desiring to help and understand that I can’t begin to suggest I have all the answers. From watching our clients, I know you can sustainably lose weight and feel better. It will take time and some discipline, and you’ll have to invest some hard-earned money into the solution; but if you stick with it, you can lose the weight you seek to lose.

In this article, I will cover three significant points:

  1. What are the Common Causes of Weight Problems?
  2. What are Effective Solutions to Weight Problems?
  3. Where Can I Go to Help Me Lose Weight? The first thing I want to educate you on is why you are struggling. Awareness is the beginning of making better choices which leads to better results.

What are the Common Causes of Weight Problems?

Weight gain is an incredibly complex and multi-faceted problem. There is no judgment from me or our team when discussing weight gain with our clients, only empathy and a desire to help our clients achieve their goals.

When you struggle with weight, it can typically be caused by one (or in combination with several) of these major causes:

  1. Poor sleep – causes cravings for carbs and sugars.
  2. Eating too late - prevents quality sleep and increases the glycemic load overnight.
  3. Alcohol consumption - can cause excessive food intake.
  4. Sedentary lifestyle - when you fail to burn calories, the excess intake is stored.
  5. Genetics – the presence of specific genes and their expression can play a role.
  6. Stress – unmanaged stress elevates cortisol, which causes belly fat retention.
  7. Western diet – consists of many starchy, processed foods, which contribute to added weight.
  8. Poor food quality - additives in highly palatable foods can interfere with hunger signals and create blood sugar dysregulation, leading to overeating and cravings.
  9. Hormone imbalances – failure to understand hormone balance can lead to challenges in losing weight and keeping it off.
  10. Emotion-driven eating – stress, mental health challenges, or trauma can lead to feelings that cause many to overeat.

What are Effective Solutions to Overcoming Weight Problems?

To lose weight and keep it off for the long run takes a combination of strategies and a mindset that you are playing the long game. It is not an easy process. In addition to these strategies, will take forming new habits and daily disciplines.

For individuals experiencing ongoing weight problems, here are nine ways to sustainably and gradually reduce weight:

  1. Stress Management – proper stress management lowers cortisol.
  2. Sleep Hygiene – simply eliminating poor practices will improve your ability to lose weight.
  3. TRE – time-restricted eating removes late-night snacking and improves metabolic efficiency.
  4. Test/Resolve Hormones – Resolving hormone imbalances can aid in achieving your weight loss goals.
  5. Genetic Testing – genes play a role in nutrition and metabolizing foods. Learn precisely how you should best design a nutrition plan for yourself rather than a fad diet.
  6. Root Cause Testing – understanding and treating imbalances and supplementation can help sustain weight loss.
  7. Health Habits – engaging in daily movement, hydration, targeted nutrition, and mindfulness practices will improve your sleep.
  8. Low Glycemic Diet - this diet focuses on food choices (as opposed to just calories) and emphasizes more protein and fiber and ‘clean eating’ to prevent cravings.
  9. Mental Health – resolution of core mental health issues that could drive excessive eating.
  10. Mindset - there tends to be lots of guilt around weight and a misconception that overeating is willpower or moral failure. Moving beyond the idea of calories in/calories out and towards food choices and accepting the physiological factors that lead to weight gain is a fundamental shift in understanding how to overcome weight problems.

Where Can I Go To Help Me Lose Weight?

Who is the best provider to help you assess and treat your weight problem? Here I’ve outlined options for you to consider. As you read, think which provider will help you employ most of the above methods to improve the odds of losing weight while eliminating clinical causes.

  1. Your primary care doctor is a great place to start. Depending on your health history and symptoms, they may refer you to a specialist. Your primary care doctor will also warn you of drug interactions and physical limits if you currently suffer from chronic disease. If you cannot afford to go outside your insurance plan benefits, your best bet is to work with your primary care doctor and the doctors they refer you to.
  2. A medical doctor specializing in weight loss can go deeper in diagnosing why you struggle with weight gain and work with you to help pinpoint its causes. They will work with a clinical team to treat your weight management issues. This can be a good route if you have the resources to dig deeper into your weight problem. The downside is that it may not be as comprehensive as you need to get to the root cause of your persistent weight gain.
  3. Weight Loss Programs/Centers provide programs for individuals seeking to lose weight. All of these will require investment on your part. It can be overwhelming and confusing to wade through all the competing claims these organizations make so you are confident you are choosing the right program for you. Few, if any, do the medical testing necessary to establish a comprehensive baseline of health data to treat your weight loss with precision. Thus, I question the long-term efficacy of these types of programs beyond the quick hit of success.
  4. Functional doctors employ different methodologies to assess and treat common problems such as weight challenges. At Tiger Medical Institute, our available doctors utilize a full range of testing such as genetics, gut microbiome, hormones, micronutrient, and extensive root cause-oriented blood panels to understand through data how to best treat your weight challenges. They will create a personalized treatment and supplement plan based on your health data. Additionally, you will be paired with a health coach for a year who will help you implement the Tiger Eight Health Habits. Combining good habits with precision data gives you an excellent chance to reduce weight and sustainably feel better. If you have the resources to pay privately, outside medical insurance, this can be a perfect way to resolve your weight challenges by getting to the route cause. Of all the approaches, seeing a functional medicine doctor and a health coach employs the most tools to attack your weight problem is my recommendation.

What Can I Do Next?

Based on the contents of this article, think about what may be causing your weight problems so you can determine the best-fit approach to weight loss. Some weight loss solutions can be implemented tonight to start your path to achieving. If a more measured approach, utilizing your insurance, is the best fit, I would encourage you to work directly with your primary care doctor. If you have found the best weight loss organization and program, give that a try.

Suppose you are financially able to invest in a comprehensive solution because you’ve tried many things in the past. In that case, I encourage you to take a long look at Tiger Medical Institute’s primary program. It will include weight management and a whole lot more.

If you know you need a comprehensive program because you’ve tried things in the past that haven’t worked and want to learn more about how Tiger Medical Institute could help you manage your weight problems, click here.

This challenge isn’t one without hope. You have what it takes inside you to make a definite choice that will change the future trajectory of your health. Our team at Tiger Medical Institute has the experience, clinical skills, and coaching acumen to help you win this battle.

Steve Adams

Steve Adams

CEO & Co-Founder

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