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The Eight Most Common Questions About Tiger’s Personalized Medical Program

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In this article, I’ll answer the eight most common questions people ask about Tiger’s personalized medical program, Decode 2.0. My goal is to educate you as much as I can for you to determine if our programs are a potential fit for the problem you are trying to solve.

The 8 Most Common Questions About Tiger’s Personalized Medical Program

Question #1: How Does Your Program Work?

Four significant areas integrate and complement each other, driving good results for our clients.

Stress Reduction – Tiger utilizes a science-based biofeedback process to eliminate your stress on demand. Sleep Optimization – timing, preparedness, and daily adjustments using data to improve your sleep. Testing – advanced root cause testing from a different perspective than traditional Western medicine. Cognitive Disease Risk Assessment – comprehensive screening for Alzheimer’s, memory loss, and dementia with a specific treatment plan to prevent onset. In addition to these four key areas, Tiger’s program is completed in three major phases as outlined below:

Phase I – Testing

Phase II – Personalization

Phase III – Coaching

Tiger’s clinical and coaching teams stay with you from beginning to end, ensuring you complete the process and get the results you are looking for.

Question #2: What is Your Success Rate?

One caveat I must share before I answer this question, you must be committed to personal change and willing to trust the process and do the work. If those are true of you, you will get good results.

Over the past several years, our team has helped 95% or more of our clients achieve significant positive results. We measure everything and have objective data points to discuss during the coaching process and clinical follow-up meetings.

You can scroll down our website and view the numerous videos of our client journeys and how Tiger Medical made a difference in their lives. These are busy and successful people like you who found the time and discipline to achieve the life change they were looking for.

Question #3: How Long Does It Take To Get Results?

The answer to this question is related to the last question; it depends on the speed you commit to building new habits.

Our committed clients who take action can expect results as soon as 4 to 6 weeks. The reason for the fast development is our stress reduction training is the cornerstone of the entire tiger decode 2.0 program. If you can build consistency in this Health habit, you will see results right around the four-week mark.

Our sleep program will usually begin to yield results at 60 to 90 days. This requires you to embrace new practices and habits regarding sleep. For many clients, it involves a mindset shift on how they view rest. It can be faster if you aggressively implement it.

If you do our testing promptly, the combination of stress, sleep, and other new health habits, including supplements, Will lead to significant progress at the six-month point.

At the 10 to the 12-month point, we typically see significant positive change in our clients who have shown up for coaching and implemented the new habits we asked them to build into their lives. Overall it is driven by you, your consistency, and your commitment. We help you with that every step of the way. TIGER is excellent at coaching clients to higher levels of success concerning their health.

Question #4: What Is Required Of Me in Time and Actions to Get Good Results?

This is a fun question because you are primarily in control.

Our clinical team utilizes sound science and proven methods that repeatedly work like a plane that always takes off with enough speed and the flaps set to the proper position.

Your commitment includes the following:

  1. Complete the steps we ask you to finish.
  2. Do the testing promptly.
  3. Show up, learn, and take notes when meeting the doctor.
  4. Bring a teachable spirit to all coaching sessions.
  5. Do your breathing for 20 to 30 minutes daily.
  6. Implement all eight TIGER health habits over the year.
  7. Persevere; show some grit.

You’ll get great results if you trust the process and follow your coach’s lead. That’s the short and simple answer.

Question #5: What is Included in the Program?

For our Decode 2.0 Personalized medical program, the following are included:

  1. All advanced lab tests, screenings, and imaging.
  2. Targeted re-testing.
  3. Biofeedback wearable devices.
  4. Health coaching sessions for one year.
  5. Ongoing consultations with a tiger doctor for one year.
  6. One-year education membership delivered in print and digital format.
  7. Personalized health plan.
  8. Tiger Medical app.

The only fees not included in the tiger Decode 2.0 package are additional MRI images and follow on tests if we determine you need extensive prevention treatment from a diagnosed elevated risk for Alzheimer’s, memory loss, or dementia. We would explain this entirely before authorizing any additional fees. This is something we can explain further if you choose to schedule a call.

Question #6: Do I Have To Travel Often to Your Office Location

The answer is no. We created this program with you in mind. The Tiger program is conveniently built on a virtual model that requires only one visit to our Seattle area clinic.

We require one visit to complete an exam, a brain scan, and a cardiovascular screening.

All coaching and doctor calls are completed via zoom virtually for the rest of the program.

If you are an international client or from the state of New York, your visit to our office must be scheduled for three days to complete all testing in Seattle.

The great thing about this option is you are done quickly with all testing. This is undoubtedly an option for anyone if they choose to take it.

Question #7: What is the Investment?

The price of our premier Decode 2.0 program is $27,997.

You can start with a $9,997 down payment and pay the remaining balance over three or 11 months at higher costs if you need to pay over time. You can see those additional costs at

The cost reflects the following factors:

  1. Extensive root cause blood panel.
  2. Comprehensive cognitive disease risk assessment.
  3. Microbiome testing.
  4. Hormone testing.
  5. Micronutrient testing.
  6. Brain scan.
  7. Cardiovascular scan.
  8. Comprehensive genetic testing.

One should consider the difference between cost and investment when considering our program. When you spend money on something that is a cost, you expect no return from it. You consume it, and then it’s done with. However, when you invest, you expect a return. The potential of this program to create a lasting and transformative change in your health is a priceless return on your investment. Consider making a one-year investment in your Health for the rest of your life.

Question #8: What Other Programs Does Tiger Offer?

If you cannot afford our Decode 2.0 program, we have three other programs you can research.

1. Membership – $49/month

In this program, you can get educated on peak performance and the basics of the health concepts that we teach to our clients. It will not transform your Health; it will help you begin to make better decisions today that will improve your health tomorrow.

2. Stress Blueprint $1,497

In this program, you learn how to mitigate stress on demand. Do you also receive a biofeedback device and three coaching sessions? At the end of this program, you will be able to understand how to distress when you need to, which then sets you on a course of lowering your risk of chronic disease. It also will improve your in-the-moment performance.

3. Sleep Blueprint $3,997

This program is designed to combine the benefits of the stress blueprint program with sleeve optimization. In this program, you will receive the following:

There is no testing included in the sleep blueprint.

Overall, these programs will help you get started on your Health journey and get familiar with our team.

If you choose to upgrade to Decode 2.0, we give you 100% credit toward the investment in that premier program at TIGER.

Steve Adams

Steve Adams

CEO & Co-Founder

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