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What Does a Personalized Medical Program Cost?

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Are you experiencing burnout, depleted energy, and difficulty sleeping? Perhaps you struggle with additional weight around your belly and can’t seem to lose it. Others we work with say they experience brain fog, mental fatigue, and an inability to focus. Finally, our clients express frustration with ongoing anxiousness, feelings of depression or mood swings, and difficulty being productive as they once were. If you are experiencing some of these challenges, personalized medicine may be a good fit.

Our conventional medical system is not set up for personalized medicine. Furthermore, it’s built to provide sick care best. While outstanding at diagnosing and treating sickness, your local doctor and hospital are not the best fit for preventative, proactive, and personalized medicine.

In this article, I’ll detail what it costs to participate in Tiger Medical Institute’s personalized medicine program called Decode 2.0. These details include:

What Does a Personalized Medical Program Cost?


Health insurance in the U.S. typically covers only diagnosed conditions assigned an insurance code known as a CPT code. While Tiger’s clients may come to our program with a diagnosed condition, their goal is to optimize their long-term health. In our current health care system, optimization or proactive medicine is not typically reimbursed to providers. Therefore it is not the focus of the typical local health care provider. This isn’t a negative statement toward any medical professional. Medical professionals are the most giving individuals you can know; local providers, with thousands of patients, are not equipped to provide personalized, preventative care.

Due to this situation in health care, Tiger Medical Institute does not accept any forms of insurance as payment. It would limit what our providers could test, and the services we would then provide. It’s only because we are private pay only that we can provide the innovative and comprehensive program we offer today.


In conventional medicine, a provider diagnoses a condition, codes it for reimbursement, and prescribes a treatment plan. The plan often is prescription drug therapy; it’s also monotherapy or a single treatment in nature.

Alternatively, our approach is root cause, programmatic therapy at Tiger Medical Institute. This means our clinicians are testing to understand why you feel the way you feel and why you have certain conditions. From there, from a broad array of health data, they create a multi-faceted plan to address the root causes of how you feel today to optimize your long-term health. Therefore, the cost of the Tiger Medical Decode 2.0 personalized medical plan includes the following:


Clinician Consults

Personalized Coaching


Wearable Devices

Additional Fees


These programs are add-on services in the event we determine through testing that you are at an elevated risk for cognitive disease. This means you would be at a medium to high risk for cognitive disease (Alzheimer’s, memory loss, or dementia). In that case, you will enter our PreCode (mental disease prevention) or ReCode (cognitive decline has started and must be reversed) programs. Additional screening fees will apply if you approve of going into one of these programs. These fees include further cognitive testing, ongoing blood retests, and MRI imaging. There will be no additional fees for doctor or coaching sessions. All payments will be explained thoroughly, and before authorization client must approve all extra fees.

Decode 2.0 Program Cost

The total cost of the Decode 2.0 personalized medical program is $28,997 for the first year. Tiger Medical has an ongoing care program called Decode 3.0 which costs $12,997 annually and is only available to clients who have previously completed Decode 2.0. Tiger Medical offers a 3-pay program with a total cost of $29,997 and an 11-pay schedule with a total cost of $31,997. If you choose a multi-day program, you pay $9,997 upfront.

PreCode/ReCode Program Costs

We estimate additional fees for PreCode or ReCode cognitive treatment plans total about $5,000 annually. We do not markup any lab costs for these programs. All patients who need PreCode or ReCode also get all the services and coaching in Decode 2.0 in year one and Decode 3.0 in year two and beyond.


Guaranty of results in healthcare is rare to non-existent. The reason is so much of the results depend upon the client’s commitment to do the work. However, at Tiger, we believe in our system so much we offer the following guarantee.

We do not refund any fees until after one year. We do, however, offer a guarantee of results. If the client attends all required coaching and doctor sessions and demonstrates, they are implementing the 8 Tiger Health Habits. The clinical and coaching teams at Tiger cannot measure any appreciable improvement in health data points; we will refund $15,000 after the one-year end.

We understand this is a significant investment of funds with the uncertainty of you personally getting the results you are looking for. Consider what you are receiving for this investment:

Some questions for you to ponder at this point include:

When we say something costs money, we are saying we are consuming something. Why? Because we enjoy it and expect no return. When we invest in something, we expect a return on that investment.

Tiger Medical’s personalized medical system is an investment that will provide priceless returns year after year. If you make a significant one-time investment in your health, you potentially change the entire course of your health future.

By making yourself Patient Number One, by embracing the art of self-care, you are making everything and everyone around you better.

If you want to know more about Tiger’s personalize medical system, click here today:


Thank you for investing the time to learn about the costs of a personalized medical plan. I invite you to learn about the Top 8 Most Commonly Asked Questions about the Tiger system and the Top 5 Fears New Clients Have.


Steve Adams

CEO and Founder

Tiger Medical Institute

Steve Adams

Steve Adams

CEO & Co-Founder

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