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Proactive Care vs. Reactive Care - Which Is Best?

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“The greatest medicine of all is to teach people how not to need it.” ~ Hippocrates

Proactive Care vs. Reactive Care - Which Is Best?

More and more people are pursuing functional medicine to solve their healthcare challenges. Americans are increasingly becoming proactive in their health, especially given the experience of living through the recent pandemic. Functional medicine has increasingly become mainstream as an evidence-based and scientific substitute for the traditional medical approach to disease and symptoms.

This article explains these significant points:

  1. Conventional vs. Functional Medicine.
  2. How Functional Medicine Forms a Treatment Plan.
  3. The Tiger Medical Institute Approach to Proactive Care.

Conventional vs. Functional Medicine Explained

Conventional Medicine

Conventional medicine primarily focuses on the symptoms you’re experiencing and then identifies an illness classification to develop a treatment plan.

This plan often results in prescribing pharmaceuticals to decrease or manage the symptoms. It’s typically resolving the underlying source of the problem and treating that.

The traditional medical model primarily utilizes medication to manage, reduce or eliminate symptoms. Typically, if you stop taking your medicine, the symptoms return. Have you ever considered a better way?

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine, by comparison, seeks to establish the root cause of your symptoms.

Your unique symptoms provide the physician clues to identify the root cause of presenting symptoms. As you address root causes, the potential exists for a complete resolution of the symptoms.

The goal of functional medicine is lifestyle change, long-term resolution of symptoms so medications aren’t necessary for the long term.

A functional medicine physician will focus on restoring the natural functioning of any imbalances in your physiology rather than masking the issue with prescription medications.

How Functional Medicine Forms a Treatment Plan

Functional medicine reframes disease treatment by examining the mechanism and root-cause rather than the illness code or label.

Each patient completes an extensive health history for the physician to review prior to an intake interview. The intake interview will commonly go on for approximately an hour to 90-minutes, a far cry from the standard 10-12 minute encounter with a stressed primary care physician.

From the intake process a customized set of tests are completed to provide the physician with the health data to find the root-cause and form a personalized health plan, specific to the patient’s unique physiological imbalances.

The Tiger Medical Approach to Proactive Care

Building on how treatment plans are created, the Tiger Medical method includes advanced brain imaging, cardiovascular screening, and gut biome, hormone and genetic testing.

Tiger physicians have additional advanced training in the prevention of cognitive disease by understanding the root pathways to diseases such as Alzheimer’s, memory loss and dementia.

Once your health data is available, a customized, personalized treatment plan is established.

Tiger Medical takes it further at this point by integrating a personal health coach who works with you for a year to establish new habits and fully implement your treatment plan.

If you are looking to resolve your symptoms rather than mask them, then a proactive approach to medicine will serve you best.

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