Who Is Patient Number One?

Do you know you need to do something about your health but struggle to get started or don’t know what to do?

You’ve given your whole life to others. Sure, you’re successful, reasonably well paid, feel grateful and consider that you’re living a great life all thanks to Dentistry…and to your hard work, sacrifice and putting everyone else first from the time you opened your practice to now.

Do you ever wonder and feel like it just might be killing you in the process? Here’s the facts. Stress kills. Bad habits kill. Unhealthy routine kills. Long hours kill. Negative energy kills.

I know because I was just like you. Thinking the way to my hopes and dreams and goals was harder work at the mercy and compromise of my health. My intention was to give everything I could to my family and instead I almost lost it all. All because I had let myself go. My health suffered. I was putting my business, my employees, my customers before myself. Then the most miraculous thing happened.

I discovered the way to have it all by become Patient Number One for myself. And that’s when everything turned around. Since that time I have set out on a mission to give back, a quest to make a difference, a determined commitment to share what I’ve learned and help others. I’m here to help you and no, it’s not too late. In fact it’s exactly the right time.

Today I challenge You to put yourself first. Every single day we know we all are moving closer to end and further away from the beginning. But, did you know, you can at least do it on your own terms? You preach and practice all day long to your patients about health and you help them achieve theirs.

Steve Adams

Steve Adams


“A healthy person has a thousand dreams, a sick person has only one.”