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Who Is Patient Number One?

Do you know you need to do something about your health but struggle to get started or don’t know what to do?

Patient One

I am patient one of Tiger Medical, here is my story.

Before I ever got involved in this type of work, I spent 20 years in high pressure corporate banking roles, with a demanding schedule that had me constantly traveling.

By the time I hit 50 - the bill was due. I was taking care of everyone and everything other than myself.

Despite lying in bed for 6 hours every night -I was only getting 2-3 hours of sleep.

I had acid reflux. IBS. Cramping. Constipation.

I couldn’t focus, I had anxiety - the fatigue and the brain fog together was affecting my performance.

I got to the point where I felt nothing, had irritability issues, wasn’t performing well, and wasn't relating well to my wife.

I would tell my primary care doctor and specialists how I was feeling and it always came back that everything looks like it’s in the averages, there’s nothing that we can diagnose specifically.

They would say rest, don’t work as hard, don’t travel as much, eat a little better, take your reflux medication, take OTC medication for your constipation, get more exercise. It was all generic.

Then I found a Functional Medicine Doctor

He did robust, extensive root cause testing in the areas of genetics, gut biome health, and hormones. He looked at numerous markers in my blood panel looking at inflammation and oxidative stress.

And you know what he found out? There was a lot wrong with me.

When he measured my Heart Rate Variability I was below 10 on the MS scale - which means my autonomic nervous system was highly stressed.

My inflammation numbers were not good. I had a CRP score of nearly six.

I had multiple genetic markers in my brain that prevented me from handling stress well.

I also found out I had leaky gut, which was driving inflammation. And I had dysbiosis, which means I had an imbalance of good and bad bacteria.

And so he created a highly personalized medical plan for me, and spent a year coaching me on how to implement the lifestyle changes that were necessary.

So what were the results?

Well, overall, there was a complete transformation.

My HRV improved to the 40s and 50s, which is like a four to 500% improvement on the MS scale. My sleep scores in Oura improved from the low 40s and 50s to 80s.

My readiness score on my Oura Ring went from 60s to 80s consistently.

My acid reflux, my IBS, the cramping, the constipation within four months completely went away.

And I was off all medication, all over-the-counter treatments for constipation. I, for the first time in 25 years in my gut, in my gastrointestinal tract felt good.

My brain fog, my anxiety, my irritability? All gone. My performance was at peak level. My energy was fully restored. I didn't need caffeine to get through my day anymore. My body aches were gone.

My inflammation went down below a CRP score of 1.0. My inflammation was reduced because my gut was healing. All my gut markers were improved as well. My leaky gut was healed. I didn't have the aches and pains anymore.

So today, five years later, I'm literally a new person. I'm able today to do high intensity interval training. I can do free weights, I can run. None of my symptoms bother me anymore.

I believe today I'm empowered to live completely differently in my 60s and 70s, and I hope well into my 80s and 90s.

Out of this transformation story I decided to build what today is Tiger Medical Institute. If you would like to read my full story, click below to get your free copy.

Steve Adams

Steve Adams


“A healthy person has a thousand dreams, a sick person has only one.”
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