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Ten Secrets to Your Personal Health Transformation

Steve Adams

Steve Adams


“A healthy person has a thousand dreams, a sick person has only one.”

Research has confirmed that anyone with the discipline to change can influence the rate at which they are aging at a cellular level which is your true age.

Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, Ph.D., the University of California at San Francisco won a Nobel Prize for her research into telomeres. The bottom line from her research was we can lengthen our telomeres.

Our telomeres are the protective ends of our chromosomes. They enable effective DNA replication and cellular division. The longer telomeres correlate with health and longevity, shorter telomeres correlate with sickness and morbidity.

In this electronic book titled, Ten Secrets to Your Personal Health Transformation, we explain new habits that if implemented consistently, will begin to positively change your health.

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