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Comparing the Best Providers of Preventive Health Programs

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““Choice,” “Chance,” “Change.” You must make a “Choice” To take a “Chance,” or your life will never “Change.” ~ Author Unknown

Comparing the Best Providers of Preventive Health Programs

Where Does One Begin to Find the Best Solution?

You’ve been searching for an answer to your most significant health challenges, and you don’t know who to trust with this critical decision. Additionally, you probably don’t know how to evaluate the different options.

If you are like me, I had no idea there were significant differences in medical approaches.

Let me ask you a few questions:

  1. Are you stressed and having difficulty getting back to sleep after your mind begins racing upon awakening?
  2. Do you find it harder and harder to generate the same level of productivity as in the past?
  3. Has controlling your emotions become more difficult?
  4. Do you struggle with mental and physical fatigue?
  5. Are you experiencing gastrointestinal problems that you can never quite pinpoint what is causing them (you know, bloating, cramping, reflux, and even constipation) and is occurring more than you want to admit?
  6. Are you anxious or dealing with fear-based thoughts?

Others I meet in this field tell me they worry they are on their way to chronic disease or are concerned about a family history of Alzheimer’s, dementia, or memory loss, and they are at a loss for what they can do to prevent them.

Most people find it difficult to talk about challenges with libido and sexual dysfunction, desperate to find a solution causing severe relationship issues with their spouse.

The good news is you can do something about all of these things if you are committed to change. Let’s take a look at your options.

Executive health is a common term used for health optimization programs. Let’s set aside that term because many people are looking for an alternative to their local primary care physician to help them resolve some health concerns they believe are not being addressed satisfactorily.

The term “Executive Health” causes many to conclude. Since they aren’t an executive at a big company, it must not be what they are looking for.

However, that is not true.

This article covers three significant points to help your research determine the best fit for you.

  1. What are the best places to research?
  2. What you should look for
  3. What is Tiger Medical’s approach to preventative health?

What are the Best Places to Research?

Here are the best organizations to research for investing in your health optimization program.

Cleveland Clinic
Location: Cleveland, OH Phone: 216.448.4325. Website:

Mayo Clinic
Location: Rochester, MN Phone: 507.284.5332 Website:

The Riordan Clinic
Location: Wichita, Overland Park, and Hays, KS Phone: 800.447.7276 Website:

Hotze Health and Wellness
Location: Houston, TX Phone: 281.644.0228 Website:

Health Nucleus By Human Longevity
Location: San Diego, CA Phone: 844.838.3322 Website:

Location: Vancouver, BC Canada Phone: 604.283.9811

What You Should Look For

Choosing a health optimization program is a critical and challenging decision. It will require a significant investment of your funds, so you should choose one that is an excellent fit for your goals.

People get excellent results with programs that include the following components:

What is Tiger Medical’s Approach to Preventive Health?

Tiger Medical Institute will be an excellent choice to learn more about if you want to find all of these components in a single program.

Tiger’s program is a total solution and includes those best practices above, with the following added features:

What is the Next Best Step for You?

Tiger Medical Institute deserves to be on the “Best Of” list, but our commitment to you was to provide you with options, so we chose to leave Tiger off the list.

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If you’ve learned enough and want to learn about the next steps, click here to speak with one of our professionals for a valuable assessment consultation.

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