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How Can I Increase My Libido, Naturally?

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“That’s the great thing about a sense of humor and a sex drive, you can’t wait to share it with everybody else.” ~ Dolly Parton

How Can I Increase My Libido, Naturally?

Low Libido is Not Uncommon

The road of low libido is devastating and ventured by many - not voluntarily, but simply due to life.

Stress, certain medications, too much alcohol, and psychological and physiological implications can play a crucial role in low libido.

If you are suffering from any of these for an extended period, speak to your doctor.

We will cover seven ways to increase libido naturally for those who have recognized a low libido problem. They are as follows:

  1. Monitor What You Eat
  2. Exercise More
  3. Get Adequate Sleep
  4. Learn to Get You & Your Partner in the Mood
  5. Get Back to Dating
  6. Resolve Tension & Stress
  7. Limit Alcohol Intake

Seven Ways to Increase Low Libido, Naturally

1. Monitor What You Eat

Certain foods have been proven to increase libido.

According to Piedmont and Penn Medicine, these include:

2. Exercise More

It is essential to move. If we are not moving, everything else is affected.

Sadly, in today’s society, we have become sedentary beings. With more jobs behind a desk, it can be challenging to remember to move.

When we exercise, blood flows as much to our genitals as to our hearts.

Regular exercise can help increase libido and lead to a greater sex drive.

3. Get Adequate Sleep

Sleep deprivation has been associated with reduced sexual desire and arousal in women.

Whether you are male or female, inadequate sleep makes us feel sluggish, lethargic, and disengaged. Poor sleep decreases our ability to feel our usual selves.

On page 96 of his book, Why We Sleep, Dr. Matthew Walker states:

“Any individual, no matter what age, will exhibit physical ailments, mental health instability, reduced alertness, and impaired memory if their sleep is chronically disrupted.”

Dr. Machel Breus states:

“A lack of sleep can decrease sexual desire and arousal. Sleeping just one hour more each night makes a person 14% more likely to engage in sex with a partner the next day. Although sleeping longer can reduce genital arousal, those with longer sleep durations on a night-to-night basis report higher arousal levels than those with shorter sleep durations.”

The data is clear - the better sleep we get, the more likely we will desire to be intimate with our partner.

4. Learn What Gets You & Your Partner in the Mood

Do you know what your partner likes? Or are you just winging it?

When was the last time you asked them what gets them in the mood for sex? What is needed to guide them to get in the mood?

It has been well said that when it comes to sex, men are like microwaves, and women are like crockpots.

Men can be ready on the spot due to visual stimulation. Women, on the other hand, tend to need more time. This comes from heartfelt messages, texts, non-sexual touch, and doing cute and thoughtful things that lead to getting things spicy in the bedroom.

5. Get Back to Dating

When was the last time you went on a date with your spouse?

For some people, this has been long overdue.

The mundane routine of life tends to get in the way of what truly matters. It is easy to get complacent, seeing yourself as having already married the person of your dreams, and then idle by.

For some, this is not a reality. For many, this is sadly the case.

Get back to dating. Take your spouse to a new restaurant. Do a fun activity such as going to a museum or concert. Consider taking a few days off to visit a different city or state.

Getting outside the same four walls and breaking up the usual routine can lead to a more intimate connection as you enjoy doing something new.

The old saying goes, “variety is the spice of life.”

6. Resolve Tension & Stress

Stress can be a massive barrier to sexual intimacy. It can make us consumed by a situation and circumstance.

When stressed, we are less likely to be in the mood for sex. This occurs from the desire to relieve ourselves of everyday stress that is going on in our lives.

Taking time to talk through relational tension, or offering yourself as support through your spouse’s stress, can be great ways to increase the likelihood of sex later on.

It may take some time to increase libido, but over time, the likelihood of connecting intimately will increase as stress lessens.

7. Limit Alcohol Intake

Too much alcohol has been shown to affect erectile function and reduce or prevent the ability to orgasm.

Limit alcohol intake to just one glass of beer, but no more than two.

This will lead to the greater surety of an intimate evening.

Bonus - Seek Help

In the end, human-to-human interaction is always best.

Seek help from a marriage counselor, a sex therapist, or a local doctor.

Surrounding yourself with the right people to guide you toward increasing your libido can do wonders!

Understanding Low Libido & Ways to Boost Sex Life

We’ve covered seven ways to increase your libido naturally.

Now, let’s look at additional ways to increase our sex life!

For further reading on libido and sex drive, view the following articles:

You have what it takes inside you to make a definite choice that will change the future trajectory of your health.

Our team at Tiger Medical has the experience, clinical skills, and coaching acumen to help you get your health and sex drive back.

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