How to Reduce Inflammation in My Body?

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“Only 20 percent of our longevity is genetically determined. The rest is what we do, how we live our lives and increasingly the molecules that we take. It’s not the loss of our DNA that causes aging, it’s the problems in reading the information, the epigenetic noise.” ~ David Andrew Sinclair

We Make Bad Decisions

Our Western diet and sedentary lifestyle are leading to some terrible outcomes. According to the CDC, 60% of American adults suffer from a chronic disease. Of those with chronic illness, 40% have more than two chronic diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease.

Our sick-care model of medicine is failing us. If it were working, then chronic disease would not be the runaway train it is. Medical researchers predict that 90% of the adult population in the US will suffer from a chronic disease if something doesn’t change.

In this article, it will describe the following:

  1. Root Causes of Chronic Disease
  2. Inflammation is a Primary Catalyst of Chronic Disease
  3. How Tiger Medical can Help You Reduce Inflammation and Slow the Aging Process

Root Causes of Chronic Disease

Here are the four major root causes of chronic disease:

  1. Tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke.
  2. Poor nutrition, including diets low in fruits and vegetables and high in sodium and saturated fats…read Western diet.
  3. Physical inactivity, meaning sedentary.
  4. Excessive alcohol use.

Now, let’s explore the role of inflammation in catalyzing chronic disease.

Root Causes of Inflammation

Now, note the similarity between the root causes of chronic disease and what causes inflammation.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) inflammation plays a crucial role in many diseases, some of which are becoming more common and severe.

Chronic inflammatory diseases contribute to more than half of deaths worldwide. Therefore, if you can change your lifestyle factors that cause inflammation, you can, by extension, significantly reduce your risk of chronic disease.

The problem is the relationship you have with your doctor isn’t going to help you do this. This is where Tiger Medical comes in. Tiger provides a clear roadmap of how to reduce inflammation.

Inflammation is a Primary Catalyst of Chronic Disease

Inflammation is your body’s defense mechanism. Typically, inflammation empowers our bodies to fight off bacteria, viruses and other toxins. But if that immune response continues unchecked, after the threat has passed, the immune system can turn on healthy tissue. So, inflammation, as a normal immune response, if fanned into a chronic flame from lifestyle issues beyond basic immune function, will increase your risk of disease. We need a plan to proactively reduce inflammation.

How Tiger Medical can Help You Reduce Inflammation and Slow the Aging Process

If you work with Tiger Medical staff, you will establish an extensive medical data baseline to establish the truth about your health. Testing will establish the level of inflammation in your body at the time you begin working with the clinical team at Tiger.

From this mosaic of health data, Tiger clinicians connect the dots from all testing and imaging to create a personalized medical treatment plan for you to reduce your inflammation and slow the aging process.

Tiger clinicians understand the drivers of inflammation and will go to work treating the underlying mechanisms that are causing your inflammation.

While completing testing and receiving a customized treatment plan, you’ll work with a health coach in consultation with Tiger doctors to help you implement the treatment plan and eight health habits. These health habits, combined with the personalized treatment plan, will systematically reduce inflammation and the risk of contracting a chronic disease.

If you already suffer from such a disease, your severity level should significantly improve.

The root cause of your inflammation will be identified in the testing, and a plan to address it successfully will be included in your personalized medical plan and health coaching.

What Are My Next Best Steps?

If, based on the information you have reviewed here on our website, you feel Tiger is a good fit, then the next best step is to go here to book a call with a Tiger Professional.

In this first call, the meeting is about learning your history, struggles, and goals. We want to ensure that you are a good fit for our program and that our Tiger team can help you resolve your challenges.

It’s time to make yourself patient number one and embrace self-care.

The first step in that process is to meet with us to learn how!

Steve Adams

Steve Adams

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