What Are the Best Preventive Medicine Options on the Market?

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“To persist with a goal, you must treasure the dream more than the costs of sacrifice to attain it.” ~ Richelle E. Goodrich

This quote sets up the theme of this article which is about becoming a health investor rather than a healthcare consumer.

We’ve been trained to expect insurance to pay for our health. We’ve also come to expect traditional medicine to be about a 10-15 minute office visit that only focuses on whether we are sick.

A growing number of individuals are discovering another way to approach their health, that of an investor.

An investor spends money with an expectation of a return. A consumer looks at cost as an expense, with no enduring return on their spending.

You only have one body, and if it’s sick, you have only one goal – to get better.

When you are healthy, you can have a thousand dreams. When you are sick, you have only one. That is to get better, and you’ll spare no expense to recover your health.

The optimal path is to make the decision you’ll invest in your health before you get sick by understanding the truth about where you are today and then proactively addressing the concern areas before they become a huge problem.

This is a massive return on your investment.

Why would you outsource the investment in your health to an insurance company? As the quote above says, the goal of optimal health must be treasured enough to sacrifice the money to get the results you are seeking.

Three topics are covered in this article regarding the cost of preventative medicine. This is to help you choose based on your current ability to invest finances in your health.

What is Preventive Medicine? What are the Cost Ranges for the Best Prevention Programs? What Does it Cost to Work with Tiger Medical Institute?

What is Preventative Medicine?

Preventative medicine programs seek to identify the underlying mechanisms causing the symptoms you are experiencing. Rather than simply measuring common markers, programs that focus on prevention are looking for the root cause.

Another common element of prevention programs is the approach.

In traditional medicine, one can expect a sick-care model. In this model, a search for a diagnosable condition is sought. If none is found, no treatment is suggested.

In traditional medicine, you are waiting to get sick before you are treated.

On the other hand, preventive medicine looks at root causes clues and treats the patient holistically and comprehensively to move a patient back from the verge of disease if possible.

It’s akin to dentistry which is a prevention model. The goal is to treat comprehensively BEFORE a diagnosable condition exists.

What are the Cost Ranges for the Best Prevention Programs?

The various investment ranges are explained below based on the type of program and your needs.

1. Local Preventative Medicine

If you can invest in your health over and above what is covered by insurance, then the best option for you is to work locally with a functional medicine doctor. This type of doctor will test and evaluate your health from a root-cause perspective.

Expect to invest between $1,500 - $5,000 in testing and office visit fees to gain some level of understanding of your overall health status today.

Your physician will give you specific recommendations for supplements and lifestyle changes from this testing. You will be on your own to implement them.

2. National Programs

Mayo Clinic - Rochester, MN

Mayo Clinic has an excellent executive health physical that is an extensive screening for disease and illness.

Despite our team’s best efforts, we could not provide a articulated cost profile for their services from their website or research on the internet.

The best guess is a range of $5,000 - $20,000 based on your current age and health profile.

Cleveland Clinic - Cleveland, OH

The Cleveland Clinic is similar to Mayo in a sense you’ll go through an extensive series of tests at one of their locations for 1-3 days.

You will invest between $5,000 and $25,000 for their premiere executive health screening.

Healthcode - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Phone: 604.283.9811

This Vancouver, CA-based clinic offers a blend of executive screening with a functional medicine approach to preventative health care.

Healthcode’s premiere preventive health program is $50,000 and is all-inclusive.

What Does it Cost to Work with Tiger Medical Institute?

The cost of Tiger Medical’s premiere program is $29,997. It includes a brain scan, cardiovascular scans, gut biome testing, hormone testing, genetic testing, and another testing as clinically indicated by Tiger physicians.

The cost also includes over five one-on-one consults with a Tiger physician and bi-weekly coaching by a Tiger health coach.

The Tiger health coach will help you implement a personalized health plan and the Tiger eight health habits.

Most national and local programs do not offer ongoing health coaching. They give you great information and recommendations then you are on your own to implement them.

Tiger Medical takes a different approach.

We become your health journey guide and walk you step by step through the process of life change to ensure you get the results you were looking for.

If you work with Tiger Medical, you are choosing to invest in your long-term health with the expectation of a return on that investment.

Better sleep, improved stress management, a better functioning immune system, and more energy are all things you can expect.

You can also expect to understand your genetic profile and which areas you need to be diligent to prevent suboptimal genes from expressing.

What is the Next Best Step?

If you’ve learned enough and want to learn about the next steps, click here to speak with one of our professionals for a valuable assessment consultation. Since you are here visiting our website, we encourage you to go to these related articles to help you choose a preventative health program that fits your needs.

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