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Should I See a Doctor if I'm Always Tired? How to Fix Fatigue

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“His body had stopped listening to him. He’d passed an invisible limit and simply shut down.” ~ Leigh Bardugo, Crooked Kingdom

Is My Fatigue A Warning?

Fatigue is a warning sign from your body that something isn’t right. Ignore it at your peril.

An average healthy person should wake up with energy and be ready to take on their day. If you are waking up fatigued chronically, then it’s important to proactively seek medical attention rather than wait for illness to set in.

I’ve experienced fatigue beyond the occasional bad night’s sleep; it was rooted in physiological imbalances undetected by traditional medical doctors. Insurance restrictions on what tests could be run prevented me from getting a solution for a long time unnecessarily.

If this rings true with you, read on. I’m also assuming you recognize your fatigue and are looking to Tiger Medical Institute to provide you with a solution.

Should I See a Doctor if I'm Always Tired? How to Fix Fatigue

In this article, I’ll cover these topics:

What are the Root Causes of Fatigue?

While this is not an exhaustive list of causes of fatigue, the common reasons are failure to manage stress, poor sleep, lack of movement, poor nutrition, and dehydration.

Fatigue could have more severe root causes, such as an underlying infection, cardiovascular disease, and mental health disorders.

If you are experiencing fatigue, you must seek medical attention to determine the root cause of your fatigue.

Why You Need to Address Fatigue

The short answer is failure to address fatigue could lead to severe longer-term consequences.

Today your fatigue is a warning sign like a change in the oil light on your car dashboard. You can get away with ignoring the problem for a while, just like with your car, but in the end, you’ll experience something akin to engine failure if you ignore the warnings.

Sadly, you likely will pass up simple steps to address the problem for fewer options with severe consequences.

How Does Tiger Medical Address Fatigue?

As you consider Tiger Medical Institute to address your fatigue, it’s essential to understand our approach. We practice root cause medicine. Our physicians are trained to assess and treat our clients at the cellular level and work backward. It’s a whole-body approach.

Fatigue is a symptom of a more significant problem.

Working with us at Tiger Medical Institute will entail learning how to mitigate stress on demand. We will rule out sleep apnea and optimize your sleep.

Working with your health coach, you’ll implement eight health habits that will build the foundation for repairing your energy levels.

You’ll complete an extensive health history online to start the clinical process. A Tiger Medical Institute physician will then meet with you for a 90-minute intake call to assess your health history and customize what tests you’ll complete.

Clinically, Tiger Medical Institute physicians will assess genetics, hormones, the gut microbiome, an extensive blood lab panel along with an assessment of both cardiovascular and brain imaging.

From this mosaic of health data, the drivers of your fatigue will be identified and treated through supplementation and lifestyle adjustments.

At times, prescription medications are utilized to eliminate them in time.

What Should I Do Next?

Fatigue is potentially a severe medical issue that should be addressed immediately. If Tiger’s program is not a good fit for you, I recommend seeing your primary care physician as soon as possible.

If, based on the information you have reviewed here on our website, you feel Tiger is a good fit, then the next best step is to go here to book a call with a Tiger Medical Institute Professional.

In this first call, the entire meeting is about learning your history, struggles, and goals. We want to ensure that you are a good fit for our program and that our team can help you resolve your challenges.

It’s time to make yourself patient number one and embrace self-care. The first step in that process is to meet with us to learn how!

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Steve Adams

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