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When to See A Doctor For Fatigue

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“Fatigue makes fools of us all. It robs us of our skills, our judgement, and blinds us to creative solutions.” ~ Harvey McKay

When to See A Doctor For Fatigue

Fatigue is a Pervasive Problem

According to an National Institutes of Health study, as many as 38% of working adults struggle with fatigue.

This article aims to help you determine when to see a doctor rather than self-treatment.

In general, if you’re experiencing fatigue that isn’t improving with ample rest, it may be time to see a doctor. The main concern is that your exhaustion or fatigue could be a symptom of a more significant health problem.

In this article, it will explore three main points:

  1. Finding Out What Kind of Fatigue You Have
  2. Medical Approaches to Fatigue
  3. How Tiger Medical Approaches Resolving Fatigue

Finding Out What Kind of Fatigue You Have

Here are some common points you can reflect yourself to evaluate your fatigue:

1. Fatigue that doesn’t improve after a few weeks.

If you’ve been feeling tired for over a few weeks, seeing a doctor is essential. Extended periods of fatigue can be a symptom of an underlying medical condition.

2. Fatigue that interferes with your daily life.

If your fatigue makes it difficult to perform your everyday activities, it’s time to see a doctor. This can include difficulty concentrating, reduced productivity, and decreased energy levels.

3. Fatigue accompanied by other symptoms.

If your fatigue is accompanied by other symptoms, such as fever, weight loss, or muscle weakness, it’s important to see a doctor. These symptoms can be a sign of a severe medical condition.

4. Fatigue after recovering from an illness.

If you’re still tired after recovering from an illness, it’s essential to see a doctor. This can indicate that your body is still recovering and needs additional medical attention.

5. Fatigue that is not relieved by rest.

If you’re getting plenty of sleep and rest but still feeling fatigued, it’s time to see a doctor. This can be a sign of an underlying medical condition.

These points are not intended to assess your need to see a doctor clinically. They are to guide you in understanding your fatigue so you can accurately describe how you feel to your primary care physician.

It is vital that if you are experiencing fatigue, to first consult your primary care physician.

Medical Approaches to Fatigue

In traditional medical settings, as practiced by allopathic MDs and Osteopathic DOs, patients will go through a physical exam, testing for fatigue-related biomarkers, and potentially given a prescription to aid in the management of symptoms. Additionally, the patient will be instructed to get plenty of rest, manage stress, and engage in some form of daily activity.

Given payor limitations, traditional doctors may be restricted in investigating how to resolve your fatigue. This is no criticism of the great work traditional physicians do every day; it simply reflects the system they operate in.

A functional or integrative medical approach will involve an extensive intake process to understand medications, lifestyle habits, life circumstances, and health history. The testing approach will delve deeper into additional areas in a holistic approach to finding the root cause or underlying physiological imbalances driving fatigue symptoms.

Functional physicians do not typically have payor restrictions imposed on traditional medical practices. Thus, they can engage in extensive root-cause investigative testing to resolve your fatigue.

How Tiger Medical Approaches Resolving Fatigue

Tiger Medical Insitute is a specialty medical clinic focused on advanced restorative medicine. Our focus is on the driven professional who has achieved success but feels their health has been compromised and wants to get ahead of any severe issues proactively.

Tiger employs a three-step process with each patient that has proven to work repeatedly in resolving underlying causes of common symptoms such as fatigue.

These symptoms keep you from showing up as the best version of yourself.

Here is how Tiger Medical helps:

  1. Test for underlying mechanisms driving your fatigue.
  2. Customize treatment and lifestyle changes specifically for fatigue.
  3. Partner with your Tiger doctor and health coach to implement the plan for a year!

Tiger Medical employs advanced tests to view your health profile comprehensively. You complete a health history survey, and our doctor review, interview, and customize your testing based on what they learn about you.

From test results, we customize your health recovery path. You then enter into the Tiger Medical process that generates results consistently over time. You can go here to learn from previous Tiger clients how our approach worked for them!

Lastly, it is essential to understand Tiger Medical is not primary care. Our recommendation is you first seek your local doctor’s opinion, remain under the supervision of your primary care doctor, and augment their care with a specialty clinic like Tiger when it makes sense.

Your Next Best Steps

If, based on the information you have reviewed here in our article and on our website, you feel Tiger Medical is a good fit, then the next best step is to go here to book an assessment call with a Tiger Professional.

In this first call, the meeting is about learning your history, struggles, and goals. This is a valuable assessment process that aids you in deciding if one of Tiger’s programs works to meet your needs.

We want to ensure that you are a good fit for our program and that our Tiger team can help you resolve your challenges.

It’s time to make yourself patient number one and embrace self-care.

The first step in that process is to meet with us to learn how!

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