The 3 Reasons Why Preventive Medicine Fails

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“The art has three factors, the disease, the patient, the physician. The physician is the servant of the art. The patient must cooperate with the physician in combatting the disease.” ~ Hippocrates

Preventive medicine is the new wave of healthcare.

Slowly but surely, it is becoming more popular. With each year that passes, more people are joining the club of preventive medicine and personalized medicine programs.

However, there is a question that must be asked. Why does preventive medicine fail? What is the reason why many preventive medicine programs do not help an individual?

Though there are a variety of reasons, we believe that some of the top three reasons pertain to the following:

  1. An individual’s unwillingness, or lack of discipline, to complete what is required of them.
  2. A company’s lack of a comprehensive scope.
  3. A transactional service rather than an all-encompassing empathetic and professional approach.

The Three Reasons Why Preventive Medicine Fails

1. An individual’s unwillingness, or lack of discipline, to complete what is required of them.

Many preventive medicine programs fail because people are unwilling to do the work.

In our day, everything is expected to be done within an instant. If we don’t get our way, we cry and whine. We complain and can become very accusatory. “I’m spending all this money, and nothing is working.” Well, rightfully so – nothing has worked YET.

You can’t expect to pay for a high-level program and undue decades of bad habits and unhealthy lifestyles in a few days.

Everything good takes time.

Too many are hasty in their approach. They neglect to see the long-term vision of where they will be and the present reality of what must be done now.

Many times, those who can afford these services are willing to pay but are unwilling to do the work.

Personalized medical programs are meant for the benefit of those who are disciplined to do the work and to listen to proper guidance and counsel. Without the discipline to put forth the effort, one might as well keep their money.

Preventive medicine helps, but it helps those who not only desire to be helped but are also willing to do what is necessary to make a change.

Preventive medicine deals with the individual, not merely the symptoms. If the individual is not willing to comply and follow sound wisdom (that is part of the long-term journey), then they should not consider a preventive medicine program.

2. A company’s lack of a comprehensive scope.

Many preventive medicine companies offer excellent components and tests, but they do not include every test that should be viewed. Some companies may have genetic testing, cardiovascular health scans, gut microbiome screening, and hormone testing. Still, they may not include brain scanning, risk assessment (Alzheimer’s, dementia, memory loss), micronutrient, and other forms of testing that should be included and viewed.

A company can be very thorough in their testing, but neglect to provide a coach to help someone interpret their data.

Clients can be given suggestions on how to improve their health, but if they do not have someone to come alongside them, encouraging them and holding them accountable, a person is most likely to go neutral and coast through the program. Even worse, they may choose to quit, blaming the company (which is partially true, but undisciplined people cannot expect what they are unwilling to do to achieve what they expect).

It’s as the Ancient Wisdom of Proverbs states:

These are tough truths to hear, but nonetheless truth. Sometimes the toughest truths are what lead us toward a change in trajectory that will effect our life for the better.

Therefore, it can be due to a client’s lack of discipline, but also a company’s failure to provide all the necessary components to ensure success for the client through long-term provisions, resources, counsel, encouragement, guidance, and accountability.

3. A transactional service rather than an all-encompassing empathetic and professional approach.

There are many good preventive medicine programs, but few take you on a complete journey. Many help upfront, but are not in it for the long haul.

It is easy to give a client data, but what about someone to help interpret your information?

It is easy to run the tests on your genetics, blood, gut microbiome, etc., but what about someone who will run the race of life with you? Coaching you along the way and acting as both an accountability partner, while maintaining the proper advice and resources to encourage you on your journey?

Many services are transactional. They give the bare minimum, but they do not continue with you for the long-term. Due to this, one can feel that preventive medicine is a farce.

It is important that with any preventive medicine program, it not only helps initiationally, but it focuses on the continuation of both building a relationship with the client and helping them maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Preventive medicine and individualized medical plans are valuable, but only if the teams of companies are willing to go the extra-mile and provide long-term help and support.

For Those Who Are Disciplined & Considering Next Steps With A Preventive Medicine Program

Here at Tiger Medical, we provide all the necessary resources for both long-term help and long-term success.

For those disciplined and are considering an individualized medical program, we would encourage you to read the following articles on our learning center:

You have what it takes inside you to make a definite choice that will change the future trajectory of your health.

Our team at Tiger Medical has the experience, clinical skills, and coaching acumen to help you get your health and energy back.

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